Time. Place. Weng

2020 | Goldegg-Weng

Nomination, Timber Construction Prize Salzburg 2023

In harmony with nature, the three-storey building fits in sensitively with the existing topography and the existing ensemble. The concept sees its use as a place of encounter and retreat.

A spacious seminar area, a kitchen and a practice room are arranged on the ground floor. The seminar area extends outwards to a balcony as an interface to the surrounding natural space via generous openings facing south and west and a front terrace. In the base area, accessed via a single-flight staircase, there are simple, functional guest rooms including sanitary units. The upper floor is accessed by a flexible, multifunctional room that is adapted to the needs of the users. The south or west-facing rooms allow sunlight to penetrate deeply into the rooms via appropriate window openings and make the course of the day or the season perceptible in the interior.

In this context, architecture does not see itself as “rigid and inflexible” but as consent to everyday life.

Futher information about Archehof Vorderploin under http://www.archehof.vorderploin.8ung.at

Usage space: 214 m²
Beginning of planning: Jan 18
Completion: Dec 19
Construction time: 8 months

Photos: Markus Rohrbacher