ZV-BHP 2023

16 October 2023

On October 13, 2023, this year’s winners of the ZV Builder Award were honored at a celebratory evening event in the Bregenz Festival Hall.
From a total of 110 submissions, 25 projects were nominated and three winners of the ZV Builder Award 2023 were selected by the main jury.

“This year’s Builder’s Prize honors projects that show the courage to have diverse constellations of actors and participation and delights with the thematic range and quality of the nominated buildings. The focus is not exclusively on urban environments, but is equally aimed at smaller communities and places within the country that have less media exposure. In addition to strengthening the center, both structurally and socially, mobility hubs, training and further education centers, places of culture and affordable housing are seriously dealt with structurally. Typologically, this year’s nominations were broadly spread. Their common denominator: rebuilding and continuing to build.” – Fabian Tobias Reiner, excerpt from the main jury’s report.

We are pleased about the nomination together with architect Thalmeier, for the House of Elementary Education in Reitdorf and the Flachau Elementary School and congratulate all other award winners!

Information about BHP ’23 at: https://zv-architekten.at/bauherrenpreis/bauherrenpreis-2023