2017 | Kuchl

Award, Holzbaupreis Salzburg 2019

The Holztechnikum Kuchl (HTL, technical college, residential college, craftsmanship college) offers a unique European education in combination with wood/technology, business and languages.
The building project was gradually realised in 2 phases: first the work was primarily done on the northern new structure of the L-shaped building in order to continue school operations without substitute buildings (temporary quarters). The existing eastern tract was gutted in the second phase, and supplemented with premade facade elements and corresponding interior.
The spatial structure should facilitate the most flexible transition between the various types of learning, such as independent work, group work, or lectures. The classes and group rooms are thus organised in one space layout, and the “instructional material” of wood can be seen and felt everywhere in this wooden structure.

Usage space: 3553 m²
Beginning of planning: August 2013
Completion: April 2017
Construction time: 18 months

Photos: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel