Road maintenance depot

2012 | Seekirchen

1st prize, Energy Globe 2014 – category “Fire”
Recognition – Holzbaupreis Salzburg 2015

The new centre of the road maintenance depots of the State of Salzburg will be constructed in Seekirchen/Flachgau. The current small location will be converted to a centrally located main location. In the future the different work emphases such as administration, workshop, maintenance, storage, and motor pool will be consolidated and coordinated at this location.
The basic idea of the planning foresees an encompassing development that combines all necessary areas, each with different needs, together and conveys an outwardly tranquil appearance. An upper administrative area is the defining feature and landmark of the new central location.
In accordance with the underlying idea, the formulation is reduced to two main materials: a consistent wooden structure that sits on a concrete plinth in the areas requiring structural protection.

In combination with a trailblazing energy concept, the project shall pioneer sustainable construction for commercial structures.

Usage space: 4,900 m²
Beginning of planning: October 2010
Completion: September 2012
Construction time: 14 months

Photos: Volker Wortmeyer