Office building Peneder

2010 | Atzbach

1st place – Oberösterreichischer Landesarchitekturpreis “Daidalos” 2012
Distinction – best architects 2012
Nominee – ZV Österreichischer Bauherrenpreis 2011

The Peneder Basis as an architectural expression of corporate culture. The distinct architecture of the new structure will not only have functional and aesthetic, but also communicative roles. The Peneder Basis shall thus not only serve as a work and meeting area for customers and fellow entrepreneurs, but also as a platform for local events as a sort of “village within the village”.

Usage space: 14,800 m²
Gross building volume: 69,900 m3
Beginning of planning: Jan. 2008
Construction time: 18 months
Completion: Aug. 2010

Photos: Angelo Kaunat