PIRAN DAYS of architecture

27 September 2023

From 24th to 26th the 40th PIRAN DAYS OF ARCHITECTURE will take place in Piran/Slo in November 2023. The Piran Days of Architecture (PDA) is an international architecture conference with one of the longest traditions in the world. Initiated by a group of Slovenian architects, it has been taking place every year since 1983 at the end of November in the Slovenian coastal town of Piran and Portorož. The aim of the conference is to assess the social architectural situation and to present the most progressive and innovative ideas in contemporary architecture and spatial production.

As part of the architecture festival, the Piranesi Awards are presented annually. The focus of the prize is the relationship of modern architecture to the natural, cultural, historical and social context.

This year Architect Lechner is part of the jury for the Piranesi Award and is allowed to give a lecture as a guest speaker about our Resurrection Chapel Straß project.

Information about the 40th PDA and the other speakers at https://www.pida.si/lecturers