Wooden buildings Tennengau

11 September 2023

Proholz Salzburg, together with the Initiative Architektur und Holzcluster Salzburg, is organizing a two-day lecture and viewing tour of wooden buildings in Tennengau.
The lecture about the boarding school building of the Holztechnikum Kuchl and the district farmers’ chamber in Hallein will take place in the Architekturhaus in Salzburg, with the on-site tour following one day later.
LP architektur is represented by Dipl. Ing. Thomas Grassl.

More information can be found here:
Lecture: https://proholz-salzburg.at/2023/07/19/holzhäusern-im-tennengau-vortraege-exkursion/
Excursion: https://proholz-salzburg.at/2023/07/19/holzhäusern-im-tennengau-vortraege-exkursion/