Nomination BHP 2019

14 November 2019

„Der Bauherrenpreis 2019“ awarded by the Central Associtation of Architects of Austria, recognizes construction projects that can be described as exemplary in the realization of their building task, the execution, the architectural form, in their social commitment and innovative character – exceptional solutions that are based on intensive cooperation by builders and architects have come about.“ Quote from the website of the ZV of architects Austria

We are very pleased that our project office building Vivid Planet in Henndorf was nominated for the Bauherrenpreis 2019.
As part of the award ceremony on November 8th, 2019 at the Architektur house Carinthia in Klagenfurt, the award was handed over to architect Lechner and his team.

The office building of the software company VIVID PLANET is not a classic office building, but creates a working environment of a special kind to open room sequences.
You can read more about this project here: Vivid Planet 2019 | Henndorf